Apart from the fact that microscopic techniques are indispensable in many fields of science and technology, some people have a passion for microscopy. Driven by a strong curiosity, they immerse themselves in the wonderful world of the very small. Some examples of this can be seen on this website, which will be updated every few months.
The update April 2024 has been completed.
The next update will be in July 2024.
You will also find many interesting videos with a concise description on my YouTube channel via this link: Willem Cramer

Willem's Work

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Images of all kinds of objects, taken with various Motic microscopes, cameras and software, are showing the performance of the equipment.

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An advantage of videos above still images, is the ability to see more details of an object in one go.

Micro Art

Do more with microscopy. Paintings and special images inspired by what you see through the microscope.


My publications can be found on Motic’s social media, where concise information about images and videos is given.

About Willem Cramer

My name is Willem Cramer. My publications, images, video’s and text (since 2014) can be found on this website, on my YouTube channel (see the link above) and on Motic Europe’s social media.

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For more information about Willem Cramer see Linkedin.

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